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A greeting from Damstahl

A greeting from Damstahl

Carsten from Damstahl has visited us today with a delicious cake.

In addition to the cake, he brought prizes that will be used for our Christmas party.

Here we’re going to do a lot of fun competitions. We’ll be shooting some clay pigeons, playing darts, bobsleigh games and much more. And of course, have some delicious Christmas food.

Thank you to Damstahl for both cake and prizes and thank you for the good cooperation we have had for many years.

Kompetent rådgivning

Er du i tvivl om, hvilken løsning der er den bedste for dig?
Det skal du ikke bekymre dig om.

Vi tilbyder kompetent rådgivning i forbindelse med ethvert projekt og holder dig opdateret fra start til slut.

Du er i trygge hænder hos os.