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Assembly in Sweden – Ø 4,400 mm.

Assembly in Sweden – Ø 4,400 mm.

Assembly in Sweden

At Krima Stålindustri ApS, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. A good example of this is our latest project in Sweden, where we are installing a custom-designed stainless steel storage tank for one of our valued customers.

We left Denmark yesterday and are now in full swing with the assembly part here in Sweden. Together with the crane company BMS, we work intensively to ensure that the tank is installed precisely and safely. Every step of the installation is carried out with care and precision, and we ensure that everything goes according to plan.

At Krima Stålindustri ApS, we are more than just manufacturers and installers – we are partners working to bring innovative and durable solutions to our customers across Scandinavia. This stainless steel storage tank in Sweden is another example of how we strive to exceed expectations and deliver quality in every detail.


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Montage rustfrit stål
Rustfri tank
Rustfri tank

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